Wool Felt Australian Animals Set

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This set is hand sewn using wool felt, wool stuffing, cotton pipe cleaners (to strengthen the legs in all animals except the wombat) and cotton thread. The emu has needle felted 'feathers' and the koala has a bit of needle felting to help create the ears. Choose the colour of your kangaroo, there are 3 different colour options. The pattern is original and designed by The Old Technique Boutique.

The set consists of:
Emu - approx. 15cm tall and 12cm long
Kangaroo - approx. 11cm tall, 16cm long
Koala - approx. 7cm tall and 8cm long
Wombat - approx. 4cm tall and 8cm long
Bilby - approx. 6cm tall and 9cm long, and
Platypus - approx. 2cm tall and 11 cm long.

Recommended for children aged 3+ who have developed past the 'mouthing' stage.

This item is handmade to order. Please see the banner on the homepage for current wait times.