Darker Green Wet Felted Pond Play Mat - With pond and two little caves

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Light/bright green wet felted pond with 2x caves play mat.

With lots of needle felted details (eg. flowers, pond water, rocks and grass.)

Made with merino wool, wool yarn for the grass and wool felt for the flowers. 

Approx. 45cm x 30cm.


**Please note no two play mats are exactly the same. There may be slight variations in the colours, size, placement of grass and flowers and overall shape of the pond. I do try and get them quite similar and would rather make them slightly bigger over smaller.

**Price is for the play mat only (accessories are available separately)

Recommended for children aged 3+ who have developed past the 'mouthing' stage.

This item is handmade to order. Please see the banner on the homepage for current wait times